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Architectural Coatings Market

 February 09, 2012
The global coatings market is worth roughly $90 billion. The decorative segment is the largest single component representing a little more than $40 billion.

This segment represents about half of the industry’s total volume, but less of the value. The smaller percentage in value has to do with the lower price of decorative coatings compared to the higher priced segments such as automotive OEM and refinish coatings and aerospace coatings, for example.

According to a new study by the consulting firm Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney, in 2011 U.S. consumption of coatings is projected to be 1.4 million gallons, containing 7.8 billion pounds of solids, worth $23 billion.

Architectural coatings are the largest segment with some 3.9 billion pounds of solids worth $9.1 billion in 2011.

However, difficult market conditions remain in both residential and nonresidential segments with a slow recovery anticipated. New house production remains at extremely depressed levels and home sales have yet to recover to hoped for levels.

As with most other coatings segments, the high growth regions of the world are where most of the business is happening.

It is a fairly concentrated market representing a small field of global players. The top 10 suppliers comprise more than 50 percent of the global market. However, smaller- to medium-sized players, while not impactful on a global scale, are formidable competitors to the global majors in the regions they operate.

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