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JUFA PIGMENT at ChinaCoat 2014

Release time:2021-05-06 11:03:31popularity:

ChinaCoat 2014 was successfully held in China Import and Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou during 3rd-5th Dec.2014.

As the frist and the largest producer of mixed metal oxide pigments (MMO Pigments) in China,Hunan Jufa Technology Co.,ltd. shown the latest products of Hybrid pigments,including hybrid pigment yellow,hybrid pigment red,which attracted numerous attentions and interests from domestic & oversea customers and visitors.Our research and development of Hybrid pigments helps to fill in gap in Chinese Hybrid pigments industry.The show is really a great platform for coating industry in China,as well as outside of China,where we can learn the tendency and development of paints and coatings industry.We always try our best to meet customers' requirments,which also help to stipulate our business growth.

JUFA PIGMENT at ChinaCoat 2014(图1)

JUFA PIGMENT at ChinaCoat 2014(图2)

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