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      Hunan JuFa focuses on the development, production, sales and service of new green environmental friendly inorganic pigments. It is the leader of the national industry standard 《mixed metal oxide pigments》 and the green group standard 《technical specification for evaluation of green design products mixed metal oxide pigments》.

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      The main products, Mixed Metal Oxide inorganic pigment and Hybrid Titanium pigment, have been listed in the industry transfer Guidance Catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the people's Republic of China (the latest 2018 Edition). It is comply with the national industrial policies and encouraged industries. This product are widely used in high-end coatings, industrial coatings, marking coatings, military camouflage, engineering plastics, inks, ceramics, glass, building materials and many other fields.

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      Hunan Jufa was invited by the National Environmental Protection Solid Management Center to participate in the South South International Conference on promoting the substitution of lead containing pigments,  which held by the United Nations Environment Agency and the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Beijing in March 2017. JuFa , as the only representative, made a special speech.


      Pigment products of Hunan Jufa have been tested by SGS  and full meet the standards of ROHS, EN71-3, ASTM F963 and FDA.

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      The Mixed Inorganic Pigment of Hunan Jufa is a high-end product in the field of pigment, and its output and sales volume are in the forefront among domestic brands. With the promotion of the lead-free paint policy and the development of the market, the company will have the foundation and strength to double the growth year after year, and it is expected to form 10000 tons of production and sales in the following three years.